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1941 MB Upper Lake, CA $10,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/08/2022) This flattie with what looks to be a replacement body has some Dec 1941 data tags.

“1941 Willys Jeep
4 cyl flathead
Manual over drive
Bigger drum brakes
Carb rebuilt in 2018
Bimini top and Full leather top with doors
Warn winch”

1941-mb-upperlake-ca5 1941-mb-upperlake-ca6 1941-mb-upperlake-ca7 1941-mb-upperlake-ca8 1941-mb-upperlake-ca9


8 Comments on “1941 MB Upper Lake, CA $10,000

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Craig – I had a 71 Super Beetle I restored in the 80s and yes, that’s the exact radio.
    Ours was Shantung Yellow.

  2. CraigInPA

    My 71 Super Beetle was Clementine Orange. My brother totaled it while driving on an unfamiliar road in the early 1980’s.

  3. Jim D

    (looks to be a replacement body has some Dec 1941 data tags) and an M38 body at that! There isn’t much MB even there unless the frame is!

  4. JohnB

    Bumpers, tailgate, dash, steering column, steering wheel, radio, wheels, roll bar, top, fuel filter, alternator, can shroud, seats, winch…plus who knows what on places not shown.
    Seller obviously doesn’t know the meaning of stock.

    Worse case scenario, some naive person buys it thinking that the data plates are a 1940s VIN number (something illegal to tamper with or move) and if they are there, it HAS to be true.

  5. RACE

    Maybe I am not looking at the same Jeep but I see no MB in this except maybe the data plate. It is obviously a modified M38 tub.

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