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Misfits Club Jacket

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This jacket was spotted in a Yakima (WA) store by a PNW4WDA member (I just missed out on purchasing it). The club was from my home town of Renton.

There was a family a couple blocks from us that belonged to this club (something I remember as they had a cute girl my age … we both went to the same elementary school). I don’t recall this ever being a very big club, so this is a pretty rare find.




3 Comments on “Misfits Club Jacket

  1. Mark S.

    The use of WN. rather than WA was interesting. I did some google research, but the answers were not clear as to the exact time of changeover. I assume 1963, when post office instituted 2 letter codes. I assume some people resisted the change.

  2. muley

    I would have thought “wash” back in the day. I s’pose that’s why they were called Misfits.

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