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1953 CJ-3A Boise, ID $13,995

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UPDATE: This is now being sold by a dealership. The lengthy list of “Vehicle Options” is quite strange.

(10/11/2022) This jeep came out of the Fresno, California, area and has been for sale previously. It’s got a Muller top, expanded windshield, and doors similar to some other California-jeeps from that region. One thing I hadn’t noticed was that the generator has a power steering pump mounted behind it. Is that out of some vehicle? It seems like a handy setup.

1953-cj3a-boise-id-muller-82 1953-cj3a-boise-id-muller-84 1953-cj3a-boise-id-muller-85 1953-cj3a-boise-id-muller-86

1953-cj3a-boise-id-muller-87 1953-cj3a-boise-id-muller-88 1953-cj3a-boise-id-muller-89.ljpg


One comment on “1953 CJ-3A Boise, ID $13,995

  1. Mark S.

    Many older tractors and older vehicles use this setup, it is a simple way to add power steering without redesigning the whole pulley system. That would explain the use of the older generator rather then an alternator. I have never seen an alternator with a pump piggy backed to it.

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