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1959 CJ-3B Atlanta, GA $19,995


Dave is selling this unique built-from-scratch CJ-3B with some Northwest history. You can reach him at davelogan @ for more info (remove spaces around the @).

The Warn ad below shows the jeep next to Tom Telford, the builder of it.

Warn-ad-with-Tom-and-Tomcat 1958-cj3b-dave-stonemill


“This Jeep has some interesting history. It was originally built from scratch in 1990 by Tom Telford who was the Chief Engineer at Warn Industries for 26 years. Tom built this CJ-3B to use a test bed for new engineering ideas, running trails, and as a magazine model.

It has done all of that quite well. This is the Jeep that Warn showcased in their 1990s magazine ads. I have a copy of this ad that will go with the sale. Tom is shown beside the Jeep.

Some articles were also written about it. Over the years the Jeep’s configuration has changed. And, further upgrades have been done while I’ve owned it.

You can read an article by Jim Allen on the CJ3B web site:
I also have a 1995 article published by 4Wheel and Offroad.

I bought the Jeep directly from Tom in 2018, so I’m the second owner. It is currently registered, tagged, and insured in Georgia. Georgia does not issue titles for vehicles over 25 years old.

While in my ownership I have performed some deferred maintenance, made some upgrades, and have fixed a few things that didn’t work.

I am an International 4WD Trainer and have used this Jeep exclusively for my training classes.
I am also a Jeep Jamboree Event Coordinator and have used it for Jeep Jamborees too.

I bought this Jeep because I remember seeing it in the 1990s and always thought it was “cool”. And, I needed a vintage flat fender Jeep to attend a favorite Jeep event in Colorado.

My needs have changed and I have relocated to Florida for work.
I don’t want to see this great Jeep just sit in my garage.
It deserves to be exploring new trails with an eager owner.

Please prepare to be overwhelmed with details on this build. It’s got all of the good stuff. I spent a lot of time on the phone with Tom to learn everything I could about what he built. I have an amazing amount of detail for it. Too much for here, but it’s all recorded and comes with the Jeep.

Tom started with a 1959 DJ-5 frame that he stretched about 6-inches. He added a reproduction CJ-3B body to it. It has a full “roll cage” bolted to the frame.

He used a Chevrolet 350 small block engine with Howell fuel injection. There is a T-18 transmission and Dana 20 transfer case behind that. It has a hydraulic clutch system.

One of the best features is that it has the Warn XCL coil suspension with Fox coil-over shocks. I even have extra coil-overs and a shop that can rebuild them, if that’s ever needed. The polyurethane bushings used in the suspension are all “off the shelf” items.

The axles are great. They are both narrowed high pinion Dana 44s with 4.88 ratios. There is a Detroit locker in the front axle and ARB air locker in the rear. Naturally there are Warm premium hubs up front and drive flanges in the rear. Manually locking hubs can be added for flat towing.

The rear axle has had a Holbrook full float conversion and both axles have disc brakes. The axle shafts are all 30-spline. Moser Engineering can still make replacement axle shafts, if needed.

It has a 75.8:1 crawl ratio. If you use Low range and 1st gear you will need a calendar to see when you’ll arrive at your destination.

In High range and 4th gear it will run down the interstate at 70 mph, but you’ll need to get used to driving it with a flexible suspension and no swaybar. Wheee…

It has Saginaw power steering and I’ve recently replaced the steering box, pump, and hoses.

The Jeep currently has steel wheels and 33” BF Goodrich KM3 tires. There is plenty of ground clearance with this set-up.

I have easily spent over $20,000 while I’ve owned it.

Some of the things I’ve done include replacing the engine with a new Chevrolet Performance crate engine. The original engine was tired and showing bearing material. The replacement is a stock SBC 350 putting out a peak 210 Hp and 300 ft.-lbs. of torque. Plenty of power for a small lightweight Jeep.
I have added a new Bestop Tigertop, Procar bucket seats, and a Tuffy Security console. A Cobra 29 CB radio and Midland MXT400 GMRS radio are included. These radios are usually required on group trail rides.
I’ve also added an ARB twin air compressor.
I have gone through the wiring and removed excess wires and switches from the past and added a cut-off switch. It has a fuse block now. And, the windshield wipers and turn signals are working.
The windshield glass and gasket have been replaced. Sun visors have been added. It has side mirrors now.
The fuel injection chip has been reprogrammed for better high altitude performance. And, I’ve added a hydraulic parking brake.
I replaced an old Warn winch with an even older 8274 winch. I added Warn’s synthetic winch rope and a roller fairlead. I replaced the battery with an Optima yellow top AGM battery.

So you may be asking what still needs to be done to it. The answer is “Nothing”. This is a fully sorted highly capable Jeep ready to go.
But, it is not anything like a new Jeep. It doesn’t have heat, although I have a new heater system for it that’s included. It doesn’t have air conditioning. No Bluetooth, satellite, or display screens. No AM/FM radio. You’ll only hear the growl of the V8 exhaust.
It is Old School. No air bags, ABS brakes, or back-up camera. The manual transmission is “truck-like”. The transfer case is gear driven.
Knowing that the Jeep would appear in magazines, the body shop applied a thick layer of body filler and sanded it very smooth. Then they painted it and it looked awesome… 30 years ago.
The trails have added some “patina”. There are some chunks of filler that are gone and there are some minor dents. There is NO rust. To me, it was just evidence that the Jeep was used and enjoyed.
I have driven this Jeep on trails in Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, and Utah. Where do you want to go?

I have “invested” roughly $40,000 in the Jeep in total. I’m asking $19,995 or a reasonably close offer.
I will cooperate with a transport company if you’d like it shipped. The Jeep is in an Atlanta, Georgia suburb.


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