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1951 Fire or Brush Truck Butterville, IN $10,000

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Andy spotted this fire truck for sale. Note that this truck has been for sale for awhile, but it never appeared in any of my searches (which is a problem FB listings have). I looked through Derek’s archives, but could not find this model. I’d guess it’s best described as a brush fire truck.

“1951 Jeep Willys firetruck. 3 speed 4 cylinder all original repainted roughly a year ago. Runs and drives well for its age.”
1951-fire-truck-butterville-in2 1951-fire-truck-butterville-in3 1951-fire-truck-butterville-in9


7 Comments on “1951 Fire or Brush Truck Butterville, IN $10,000

  1. John W Fritch

    Hi Dave I have the twin to this truck they were custom built for kids to ride at west veiw park in Pittsburgh Pa

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi John, how cool! What a fun rig. Were there more than two built? (clearly there are at least two). Do you know who custom built them?

  3. John W Fritch

    Dave I was told only two built by local company I tried to find out more about them but no luck The man that i got mine from had a picture of the other one which is the same one you listed mine was in very bad condition if i can get your email ill send some pictures

  4. Gerald Huber

    This looks like a fun project and have been watching in for a while on Market Place. I’m guessing the back story is very interesting.

  5. mark johnson

    It looks like a custom small maybe a brush truck. Body is nicely mated to the cab. Looks like it has an internal pump instead of a front mount . Lots of bed space for hose. Would be easy to convert the hose bed for seats. I can see what looks like a big pto lever in the cab next to the shifter. Looks like pump controls on the drivers side and a 3″ inch suction connection on both sides and 2 2.5 inch discharges ? It probably had a tank along with hose in the bed. Anyone look at the suspension to see if it was beefed up ?
    Pretty nice old rig.
    Mark j,

  6. dennis goodenow

    Guys. I’m not sure how many were built, but I purchased this truck for a guy in Newfoundland Canada. It is a 2wd pickup (VIN 451 DC1 xxxxx) converted to a parade or display truck. There is no pump, the lever in the cab is a hand clutch, which allow one to stop often and not press on the floor clutch. Also, the flanges and gauges are all for show, there are no connections to any hose or plumbing. It does run well, but it has been converted to 12 volts and none of the gauges work, including the speedometer. It has some rust, but nothing too serious. It looks nice from a distance, and I’m sure it is very unique. Thanks.

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