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Carlisle Auto Auction April 20-21

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Mike shared the news that there are several jeeps in this auction.

  1. 1947 Truck (why listed as a ’47 when obviously not?)

  2. 1950 Jeepster
  3. 1962? CJ-2A (not sure why it is listed as a ’62)
  4. 1971 CJ-5

5 Comments on “Carlisle Auto Auction April 20-21

  1. Mike

    With the large window cab, and V slant grill, I don’t see how this can be a 1947 model, not even close.

  2. colin peabody

    The pickup is listed as a 1947, but is at least a 1961 or 62 model, with the one piece windshield and large rear window, large speedometer and V-front end styling and side trim. They list is with the L-134 Go Devil engine and it is most probably the 226 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine as that was the standard engine for those after 1955.

    The CJ2A is listed as a 1962, and they were not made after early 1949.

    I think the auction company got the descriptions mixed up! At least I hope so!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Colin and Mike .. and this is why I need to take some time off .. I saw that it was a truck and posted it, but clearly didn’t pay attention. Ugh!

  4. Bob Loeffler

    My thought was that someone got the specs crossed up when the ad was created. If you switch the 2A specs with the truck, then it all makes sense. I think somebody posted this on OWF as well.

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