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Plastic Jeeps

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UPDATE: I’ve added a pic of my toy collection at the bottom per John’s request.  As for the next updates, our hectic spring property schedule and some 16 hours days seem to have taken a toll on me, so I’m needing to rest (Apparently, 57yo is not the new 40yo). Fortunately, we’ve gotten a ton done and I made additional progress on the racer. The flooring and firewall all have paint. Now, on to the seat frames  (once I feel better). 

(April 27) … I still have a couple days of work (irrigation systems and garden stuff) before regular updates resume. In the meantime, I’ve got the race jeep floors and firewall painted and ready to assemble. The “dash” gauge plate (actually hooked to the horizontal rollbar) is being constructed in free moments. Once the seat brackets and seat belt anchors, and the top anchors drilled, I’ll be ready to clean and paint the chassis (rattle can paint as the chassis has some rubberized paint that is a bitch to get off. Then, the final assembly can begin.

In the meantime, thanks to Andy spotting the ad, I was able to pick up these 9 plastic jeeps (only one was slightly broken) and one metal one for only $10! I ended up paying the woman more, because she went through the trouble of shipping them. She was grateful for the extra dollars, but it only seemed right. She is keeping a watch out for more jeeps  for me.

Note the Oglesby jeep is there for size reference.

2023-04-27-plastic-jeeps1 2023-04-27-plastic-jeeps2 2023-04-27-plastic-jeeps3

John asked about my jeep-toy collection. Here are many (sorry the pic isn’t better). The “jeep room/study) still needs to be setup (we were going to redo this room in the shop, but I am trying to get the real-jeeps all running first:



6 Comments on “Plastic Jeeps

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Those smal jeeps are certainly in my price range. I have some too. Congrats!

  2. JohnB

    When I was a kid, I had a couple of the 4th one from the left in the first shot, 4th from right in second, (the one with the molded in driver).
    Got ten at the local five and dime. It came with a small (105mm?) Howitzer that could be towed with it. Notice the hitch in photo #2.
    Nice collection.

    Dave, please do a feature on your toy collection.
    (And let us know what you have duplicates of and might be willing to part with!!!).

  3. Jerry Huber

    Dave, some dandy ones in that haul. The one with the molded in driver is from Auburn Rubber, often have an attached Howitzer hooked to that hitch as John B. mentioned. Very nice!

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Jerry: I’m very happy with the haul.

    John: I’ve added a pic to this post of one cabinet (2/3?) of my toy collection.

    Steve: I too like these prices 🙂

    Bill: I suppose this is a side benefit of 15 years of running ewillys. I’m not sure I’m ahead in the “riches” department given all the hours, lol.

  5. Bob

    I may need to get a small showcase some day….maybe when I have my “dream garage.”

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