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1948 CJ-2A Steamboat Springs, CO $5000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $5000. Seems like a great price. It’s been available for a while.

Has some body damage. Includes the plow.

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“Purchased this Willys CJ-2A in 1978 and have plowed driveway snow with this incredibly reliable vehicle, with a 1977 Meyer 4-way plow, for 43 years. Some body damage left rear, some leaks- rear differential, transfer case, and transmission. Circulating water heater, new Firestone original style jeep tires, canvas/plastic doors, rebuilt starter, 1 yr old battery, newer chains for two tires, converted to 12V to accommodate Meyer plow”


9 Comments on “1948 CJ-2A Steamboat Springs, CO $5000

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    I remember being advised to not buy a plow jeep because it was likely there was significant frame damage from the jeep being repeatedly slammed into heavy snowbanks. Think that’s true?

  2. GO NAVY

    steve is correct — any jeep with a snow plow will be ruined beyond repair — i just bought a VERY EARLY CJ-2A , 1946 , column shift and its frame is the thickness of REYNOLDS ALUMINUM FOIL !!

  3. Mike

    SE Steve, No, I don’t think that’s true, it depends on who did the plowing. There is a right way & a wrong way to plow. I did lots of plowing back in the decades past with my Jeeps, never damaged the frame, nor wore out a clutch. Many of the guys I did plowing with, drove their vehicles as though they were in a demolition derby when plowing snow. To me, slow but steady wins the race.

  4. Craig in ME

    CJ3A frames are stronger than the earlier MB/GPW/CJ2A frames. I built a plow jeep from parts, mostly 3A stuff. Been plowing my driveway for 20+years. Frame is solid as a rock still….even after hitting hard packed ‘ice banks’ The key is to have bracing under the frame, not just where the plow sits on top of it. There is no extra plating welded to it either.

  5. Mike

    Mr. Go Navy, I don’t know how you reach that conclusion, you state “you just bought” based on the vehicle you own, that may be true, but based on my experience plowing in NJ, it is a misrepresentation to say they are ALL ruined beyond repair.

  6. GO NAVY

    hello , its true the later frames are thicker , when i bought my 46 cj-2a column shift , the guy gave me some spare parts , namely a 64 cj-5 frame , which is far thicker steel , i wont use it because its not correct for the vehicle , seeing that the cj-2a has all the original 46 serial numbers , on the dash , the firewall , engine and frame — another thing , how did the united states win world war 2 when the mb / gpw jeep frame was made out of tin foil ??

  7. David Eilers Post author

    I’m with Mike on this .. If a jeep has had a plow installed, it is a good reason carefully inspect the front of the frame. However, just because it has a plow, doesn’t necessarily mean the jeep has been trashed.

    Vernon: I’d say the US won, in part, by making LOTS of throwaway jeeps.

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