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Warn-A-Larm Brochures

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UPDATE: Here’s a second type of Warn-A-Larm brochure. It is a single page, form #AC1166-20 (maybe 11/1966?). 

1960s-warn-a-larm-brochure1 1960s-warn-a-larm-brochure2



Originally published Feb 20, 2023: 

This is a product I didn’t know existed at one time. According to this four-page brochure, the Warn-A-Larm is a backup alarm device to warn folks when a vehicle is backing. It appears the brochure is from June 1969.




3 Comments on “Warn-A-Larm Brochures

  1. Dave from Mn

    I had heard one time that a local construction worker, who was backed over on a job site and died, was part of a large push for warning devices on construction equipment. I know he died whether the rest is true I’m not sure. Probably would have been late 60’s?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Jim: thanks for the pic.That looks bigger than I thought it would. What’s the diameter?

    Dave: I can easily imagine multiple workers have died/been injured due to backing issues….. I just did a quick google search, “210 people are killed in backover accidents each year” according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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