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Pics from the Jeep Collection Auction @ Tipp City, OH

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UPDATE: Thanks to Roger Martin for taking some pics at this auction. It looks like there were plenty of bidders on the jeeps. Roger reports there were nine jeeps auctioned. The prices varied from $380 to $2000. The green jeep below was won with a $2000 bid (which included an extra running engine!). 3 of the Jeeps had PTOs.


jeep-auction-ohio10 jeep-auction-ohio13 jeep-auction-ohio14 jeep-auction-ohio15

jeep-auction-ohio16 jeep-auction-ohio17 jeep-auction-ohio18 jeep-auction-ohio19 jeep-auction-ohio20


Original Post May 19, 2023:

This collection includes around 10 jeeps up for auction. Note that the auctioneer indicates there are six “Tonka” jeeps as well, but of the three pictured, one is Tonka, one is an Olgelsby, and one is a Marx.

More pics on the auction site:

1946 Jeep Willys CJ-2A Four Cylinder Flat Head with Extra Engine, Repainted Army Green;
1947 Jeep Willys Four Cylinder Flat Head, Red and Black;
1948 Jeep Willys CJ-2A, Red;
1947 Willys Jeep Parts Only;
1947 Jeep Willys-Yellow, Believed to be a 1947;
1940 Jeep Willys-Parts Only, No Vin,
1958 Jeep Willys CJ-5, No Vin, Believed to Be a 1958, Yellow;
Jeep Willys CJ-5-Unknown Year, Green;
Jeep Willys CJ-5-Unknown Year, Mostly Green;
1976 Jeep Renegade-Brown;


jeep-collection-tippcity-oh3 jeep-collection-tippcity-oh4 jeep-collection-tippcity-oh5 jeep-collection-tippcity-oh6 jeep-collection-tippcity-oh7 jeep-collection-tippcity-oh8 jeep-collection-tippcity-oh9


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