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1971 CJ-6 Greeneville, TN $14,900

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Tom spotted this former fire jeep. It listed last November here, but since then has undergone some updates.

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“This rare 1971 Jeep CJ-6 was purchased new and owned by a volunteer fire station. The mileage is not a typo…these are actual miles. It has the desirable Dauntless Odd-Fire 225 V-6 engine, T14 transmission and Dana 18 transfer case, along with the “unicorn” offset flanged Dana 44 rear axle used only in ’70 1/2-71 CJs. It also has a working Ramsey DC-9 8000-lb. winch (similar to a Warn 8270), which was installed new as a factory Jeep option (I can include some electronic documentation from Ramsey with the purchase).

The paint is all-original, so what you see is what you get (no hidden bondo/bodywork). It’s very solid for it’s age, with the exception of the rear cargo area. The fire station installed a water tank in the rear on top of a rubber mat. Over time, this rusted the floor underneath. The interim owner after the fire department installed a plywood rear floor section, fiberglassed it in, and then used bed liner in the cab. It presents decently, but I’d replace it with steel panels from Classic Enterprises were I keeping the Jeep. The front floor pans, hat channels, and passenger tool compartment floor are all very solid.

The list of *NEW* parts is long…new BDS 2 1/2″ suspension (springs/shocks) are great for the 31″ x 10.5″ tire size (Kelly Safari tires are in excellent condition); fresh alignment after the suspension install. New aluminized exhaust from the manifold back (with better ground clearance than OEM), including a new Borla stainless steel muffler. Full tune-up, including a professionally-rebuilt carb, new fuel pump, fuel filter, plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, points, and condenser. New rear wheel cylinders. New Bestop Tigertop. New spare tire carrier for the passenger side (not yet installed). A new Walck’s/Kaiser Willys front bumper replaced the extended fire station bumper (horrible approach angle, and HEAVY).

It runs nicely, and drives straight down the road; drives nicely, at least for a 52-year-old Jeep with manual steering & brakes. The 3.73 axle gearing allows for nice road cruising speeds vs. many of the lower-geared vintage Jeeps. There are still some minor wrap-up things to address…turn signals and wipers don’t yet work, and I’ve never tried the heater. I’d probably replace the fuel tank, as well (I almost installed a fuel cell, but didn’t want to lose the interior space). A new 19-gallon RCI fuel cell and Motobilt fuel cell mount is potentially negotiable with the deal.

This Jeep is a survivor, and turns a LOT of heads. It’s not perfect, but it’s a solid example of a rarer Jeep CJ model still sporting original body/paint, and has less original miles than most of the population puts on a vehicle in a 6-month timeframe. We have owned several rare/unique Jeeps, and this one ranks right up there!”


7 Comments on “1971 CJ-6 Greeneville, TN $14,900

  1. CraigE

    This is my for sale listing. I’ve owned 130+ CJs (mostly parts vehicles) in the past, and have owned Jeep models from all eras, but I’m most familiar with ’76+ models. I got nostalgic when I purchased this CJ-6 (I have a soft spot for unique Jeeps, having owned in the past a ’55 M170, FC170s/FC150s, an Alaskan Postal Scrambler, two CJ-10as, etc.), and subsequently put a lot more time & money than intended into getting it road-worthy after it sat for the vast majority of its life.

    I’m currently busy building a small house & out building for me and my wife, and also realized that a heavy-duty farm truck would be much more practical for use around town, and around our property; I ended up buying a military CUCV. It’s not nearly as pretty as the CJ-6, but it’s more practical for our needs.

    Cash is great, but we’ll entertain partial trades including an M1101/M1102 military trailer, small-scale farming equipment, livestock fencing materials, building materials (I still need to build end walls and a lean-to on a Quonset Hut), etc.


  2. larry

    i’d consider buying this vehicle, but having to put up with facebook is an immediate deal killer.

  3. Craig

    I don’t like Facebook either, Larry. It’s listed under my wife’s account, as I despise social media for several reasons; however, that’s the biggest audience aside from auction sites, it seems. If you’re serious about having a conversation about the CJ-6, give me a call at S1x 0n3 S1x Tw0 0n3 Thr33 0n3 Z3r0 Z3r0 Thr33. I have dropped the price substantially to $11,250…several thousand less than I have into it.

  4. Craig

    Sorry…phone number is S1x 0n3 S1x Tw0 0n3 S3v3n Thr33 0n3 Z3r0 Z3r0 Thr33

    I missed a digit trying to code it to prevent bots from abusing my number. : )

  5. JohnB

    Can’t say I have ever seen a CJ-6 that new (post-’68 with market lights).

    Given the popularity of today’s four door Wrangler, and the short lived (TJ?) stretched Unlimited, too bad they didn’t market a family version with nicer back seats. With a hard top, it could have beaten the Scout/Bronco/Blazer to the market.

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