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1965 Photo From the Iowa Highway Patrol

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Jan Shafer shared this flashback photo from the Iowa Highway Patrol. Those look like two well-maintained M-38s.



One comment on “1965 Photo From the Iowa Highway Patrol

  1. Barney Goodwin

    That’s way too cool! As a former, now retired, LEO, I once used my personal M38 to patrol the fair grounds during an annual county fair. Military was giving these out to government agencies in the 60s and early 70s as they were replaced by M38A1s and M151 series Jeeps. The 3 officers at the Jeeps are Auxiliary (reserve) officers – volunteers who put their lives on the line assisting the regular troopers as well as working special details. The trooper next to the cruiser is a regular IHP trooper. A quick internet search reveals that IHP must have done away with their Aux program at some point as it’s not mentioned in any form on their web site. This often happens in departments as standards for service start to mirror the regular officers and volunteers don’t have the time for the training or requirements. The military maintained these well. IHP would have maintained them well. I bet they still exist out there somewhere. Neat to see this both from a Jeep and Law Enforcement view.
    Today’s government release programs to LE include CUCVs, HUMVEEs and MRAPS.

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