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New Toys and Brochures

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2023-06-18-jeep-toys-brochure-joe-janA big thanks to Joe-in-Mesa, and wife Jan-in-Mesa, who found a couple toys and brochures at a great price while visiting the MVPA convention in Des Moines, Iowa, last week.

The Marx tin windup cowboy jeep has details that I haven’t seen on similar cowboy jeeps. I thought it was the best of the two, even though the windup spring doesn’t quite work.

The four-passenger Marx Jumpin’ Jeep in green and yellow is more familiar, with graphics in good shape as well.

I had neither of the two brochures they found, so that was a bonus (see the posts below)!

Here are more pics of both toys:

marx-cowboy-jumpin-jeep4 marx-cowboy-jumpin-jeep5
marx-cowboy-jumpin-jeep6 marx-cowboy-jumpin-jeep7

marx-cowboy-jumpin-jeep8 marx-cowboy-jumpin-jeep9

And, the Jumpin’ Jeep:

marx-jumpin-jeep5 marx-jumpin-jeep6 marx-jumpin-jeep7 marx-jumpin-jeep8 marx-jumpin-jeep9


8 Comments on “New Toys and Brochures

  1. muley

    i’ve got a poor condition version of the cowboy jeep only the driver is a soldier, helmet and all.

  2. muley

    Yep, same driver with the goofy grin we get when driving our jeeps. Just a different hat and paint scheme. I found it in an abandoned desert dump, southern AZ probably 40 years ago.

  3. Joe in Mesa

    Glad you like them Dave 🙂. We had a great time looking thru everything the vendors brought to Des Moines.

  4. Lee

    The 2 toys were purchased from me at the convention, have fun with them 👍🏽…. They were purchased many years ago by my late father at an auction. Glad they went to a good home 😎

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