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Roger’s New Howe FC Firetruck

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I HAD planned on doing posts for this morning, but yesterday we discovered water near our water tank, which soon lead to discovering one of our pipes (in a wall) was leaking. So, holes were cut in the wall and leak verified (at copper corner piece joint). Several hours and one trip to Home Depot later, I was able to get everything fixed (thank goodness for push joints). Whew.

In lieu of updates, we’ll celebrate Roger Martin’s newest acquisition: A 1960 Howe-modified FC that was formerly in the Toledo Firefighters Museum. It run and drives and is in great shape! Congrats Roger!


1960-fc-firetruck-roger-martin3 1960-fc-firetruck-roger-martin4 1960-fc-firetruck-roger-martin5


2 Comments on “Roger’s New Howe FC Firetruck

  1. John B.

    Wow! Extremely jealous – need more pics. Who would have thought you could buy an actual museum piece?

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