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And Now, for Something Different … Chesire, OR $34,000

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Perfect for towing your jeep to remote places?

“This bus has been my labor of love for many years but I have moved out of state and it’s time to sell. It DOES run and drive. It’s a 1970 GMC 5500 chassis with a Wayne body. It’s has a GMC 305M 60degree V6 in it, I replaced the motor in 2014 using the M designated components from the original 351 V6.

All of the components that are too high and too wide are removable. The wood stove pop out lifts off. The top of the second floor middle loft room, which we use as a closet, comes off and is built to be lightweight. It stows on the deck for transport. The mast is hinged and folds down easily. It isn’t just for looks, that’s a projector screen and there is a projector stand as well. Movies on the deck are a ton of fun.

It’s plumbed and wired.

240v 50amp. 3 dedicated heater circuits. 1 electric hot water heater, one gas tankless heater. Each room on it’s own breaker plus an outdoor outlet.

It’s got a 30g blackwater and 60g grey water tank plus a mecerator pump for pumping your business uphill. The kitchen sinks uses an electric hot water heater and the shower uses the tankless.

I have a clean title in hand. It has already been converted to RV status.”










2 Comments on “And Now, for Something Different … Chesire, OR $34,000

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Wow… just amazing. Appears to be a fully functional home/RV. Might be perfect for Burning Man 🤔😎

  2. David Eilers Post author


    My thoughts exactly! Though based on some of the vehicles I’ve seen in pics traveling the playa, this is pretty tame in comparison!

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