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1946 CJ-2A Black Hawk, CO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3750.

(06/21/2022) This is a this running jeep. The body has some rust.

1946-cj2a-blackhawk-co1 1946-cj2a-blackhawk-co2 1946-cj2a-blackhawk-co3 1946-cj2a-blackhawk-co4

“1946 Willy’s jeep cj2a
Starts, runs, drives, stops
Yellow with black racing stripes
Way too much to list. Just give me a call.
There is a very easy, legit, and fully legal way to obtain title for this jeep. If you’re interested, I’ll gladly tell you how.

A brief rundown about this jeep:

It sat in a while in a field at the original owner’s property. I don’t know exactly how long. I was told it was in a shed.
It was VERY not running when I got it.
There was very clearly some work work/maintenance done to it however..
What I have done over the past 2 years:
I was going to make this into a plow vehicle, but have decided to stick with my atv.

Fuel pump (replaced the deleted one)
12 volt conversion (alternator, battery, all wires, solenoid, etc)
All new engine wiring
New solex Carb (I have the original Carter, but replaced it with a new solex. I have a complete master rebuild kit for the Carter, but the solex ran so great that I slacked on rebuilding the original one)
All new brakes – from master cyl down. All lines, wheel cyls, shoes, springs, eccentrics, etc. the drums are NOT new, but cleaned up.
All new fuel and oil lines. One oil line has not been replaced, as it was not in bad shape, but I have the replacement.
New radiator hoses. upper and lower
All gauges work. 2 are originals
Converted from amp meter to voltmeter
New seats. I just fabbed new seat frames. Passenger seat pivots with a new fabbed seat lock. Under seat glove box is NOT in good shape.
New accelerator pedal
New gas tank, sending unit, all fuel lines, gauge
New plugs, wires, cap/rotor, points, condenser, etc
Fresh oil, coolant, tranny oil and gear oil in front and rear diffs
New outer wheel bearing all around. New inners up front
New head lights, (12 volt)
I have not wired any lights yet
Runs and drive amazing (amazing is a relative term as this drives and brakes like the 1946 it is)…..but:
Starter seems to only engage the ring gear sporadically. Not sure why. The starter has been rebuilt, but I think it needs another rebuild.
I have brand new rear lights, and a new light switch as well as a bright floor switch. I was going to wire this all, but just haven’t yet. I may still (not sure why, but for some reason I like doing this stuff…)
One of the spring clamps need replacing.
Steering stabilizer need replacing. These were not original, and the broken one is aftermarket.
I have the original tailgate, but installed a non rusted one.
I have soft door frames. And bows, but not the originals.
Frame seems to be good.
Body is iffy at best. Fenders are really good. Hood is great.
Windshield is good and glass (with rubber seals) is brand new.
Rust on tub. Fixable, but it will take some work. Previous owner did some bubba welding fixes.
3 tires hold air. One holds air but has a very slow leak. All wheels are original, and I may have a few extras I believe.”


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