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Next Updates Saturday

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I’ve been busy this last week cleaning up, repairing wiring, and modest remodeling of our “lean-to” area (a series of lean-tos built off an old small one room building with a garage) to accommodate hay storage. With our current perfect weather (highs around 90) over the next two days, I want to get was much done as I can.

Our goal has been to have all the hay we need for the winter stored and ready for winter. Our next door neighbor grows enough hay for our winter needs (and gives us a great price, as we let him borrow our tractor), but last year we began buying it too late, so we found ourselves having to buy hay in the middle of winter from a half hour away. Moreover, we weren’t organized enough to store 400 plus bales. This year, we have the room to do that, but it has taken a couple dump runs and some reorganization to do it.

The next updates will be Saturday.


4 Comments on “Next Updates Saturday

  1. dan

    Ever consider adding a few other administrators to cover for when you are occupied? We did this for a vintage trailer forum that I frequent as the sole administrator was having health issues and we wanted some continuity should she not be able to manage the site. If you weren’t able to manage this page, it would pretty much die off…

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Dan,

    Yes, I’ve considered that. I even asked folks if there was any interest at some point, but no one volunteered.

    I don’t worry too much about eWillys dying off, as many vintage jeep folks have moved to Facebook, which will eventually die off and lead to something else … My more pressing focus is to save the unique content and comments to make it accessible in the future for those interested in the topic.

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