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Sept 1960 Ad and Merch Bulletin

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I believe this is the first Advertising and Merchandise Bulletin that I have owned (or even seen). I bought several of these together on eBay. The particular one details the “600 series” of tri-fold brochures available during 1960 (which is one of those nagging issues I’ve always wondered about .. how many brochures were made). So, this answers that question. There were only 13 in that series.

When I get a chance, I’ll add links of images to this post.

1960-09-23-willys-motors-ad-merch-bulletin1 1960-09-23-willys-motors-ad-merch-bulletin2


5 Comments on “Sept 1960 Ad and Merch Bulletin

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Dave, you’re lucky to have this. Speaking with experience as former worker in a large bureaucracy this is exactly the type of paperwork that would be disposed of without a second thought.

  2. Bdw

    Does this mean that the 60 brochures were actually the ones for the 1961 model year. if they were new publications in Sept of 1960, the 60 model year would have been over.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    SteveK and Colin: I’m getting the sense from the literature that the Dispatcher and Surreys weren’t the forgotten children they are today.

    Penn Steve: I agree. I felt pretty fortunate to get these. I do have a few others I will share.

    Bdw: That’s a good question. Your argument makes sense, but missing from the form above are the FJ-3s and FJ-3As, which appeared in early 1961. Instead, it seems more of a reflection of the lineup at that time, like this brochure shows from September of 1960:

    In fact, note in this January 1961 brochure Willys Motors describes the FJ-3A as “New”:

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