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Andy’s Argentine to Alaska Hiccup near Portland

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UPDATE: Andy Reached Alaska!

The intrepid explorer overcame his obstacles and made it to the Alaska border the other day. Congrats on the continuing journey!



Originally posted May 30, 2023: 


Andy, from Argentina, standing in his engine compartment at Washougal Classic Jeep while Richard and Jake work on his engine.

Recently, through Facebook, I was made aware of Andy, who is driving his Willys wagon from Argentina to Alaska. I lack many of the details, but I know that by early May Andy had made it all the way to Oregon when his engine finally gave out. Unable to go any farther, he and friends reached out through Facebook to find someone would could help him fix his engine (a couple posts on this FB page).

2023-05-15-andy-breaksdown2 2023-05-15-andy-breaksdown1

Richard Darr of Washougal Classic Jeep, near Vancouver, Washington, volunteered to help. While Andy stayed with a friend in Tigard, Oregon, Richard towed the vehicle to his place, diagnosed the problems:

“The engine has some serious issues for sure and the cracks have us spooked as well but we are going to try and breathe life back into this engine to hopefully finish the journey to Alaska. We really don’t know if the cracks happened recently or been there for quite some time. We are going to put a new timing set in and reseal the valves, clean out all the blockages in the cooling ports and new head gasket and top it off with a tune up and see what happens. Drive it around locally a bit to see how it takes. If it seems healthy enough to send Andy on his way then off he goes.. if not.. then we will have to switch gears and come up with a replacement engine or something. Jake and I are happy to do what we can to get Andy to the finish line of his more than 8 year Trek.”

After a couple weeks, Richard and Jake were able to repair the engine enough that Andy decided not to invest in another block. They test drove the wagon recently and are satisfied it is ready. Andy test drove it as well and says it is more powerful than it has been since Bolivia (I can only guess something happened to the engine there?). So, Andy is prepared to take off towards Alaska again.



Jake and Richard testing the wagon’s rebuilt engine, with Jake driving.

During the process, did require Richard to spend $400 of his own money (plus all the time). I’m going to send Richard $200 to cover half his expenses. If anyone wants to donate as well, you can send money directly to me through PayPal ( and I will send Richard an additional check based on any donations (he doesn’t have PayPal). If you have any questions, just email me:



4 Comments on “Andy’s Argentine to Alaska Hiccup near Portland

  1. scotty gilbert

    Good on Richard, this is what Jeepin is all about, how fortuitous that he broke down in the heartland

  2. Bob

    Mmm….this has a familiar vibe to it! Give me a bit here and I will send some money along to you.

  3. Marty Tilford

    When I first saw the post about Andy I called Richard and talked to him about Andy’s issue. I knew if anyone would be able to help him it would be him. Then Richard got in touch with him. I didn’t realize everything that Richard was doing to help him till I read the update he posted. I’m so glad that they were able to get him fixed and back on the road. Richard is a great guy and proud to see him helping out a fellow vintage Jeeper.

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