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10 Unreliable Post 2000 Jeeps

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Bill shared this article about some modern-day jeeps you might not want to purchase. I really can’t say how accurate most of this article is, as I’ve never owned or driven any of these.


This is wrongly captioned as a 2015 Wrangler in the article.


6 Comments on “10 Unreliable Post 2000 Jeeps

  1. Barney Goodwin

    That is not a “2015 Wrangler” (photo caption). That’s a TJ Unlimited made from 2004 – 2006. The first stretch Wrangler before they came out with the JKU “Mall Crawler” Unlimited 4DR in 2007. It’s actually a highly desirable model to find today. We even have a local couple looking for one right now. I believe the fine print below Jeep on the cowl is the word UNLIMITED. I’m not sure traditional Jeeps ever rated high for quality and such among the general automotive market yet alone an MSN writer.

  2. Joe Curtis

    Having owned a 2006 TJ since I purchased it brand new, I believe that was the last year of the “true” Jeep lineage. All steel body, reliable manual transmission, and what is (in my opinion) the most reliable engine ever made 4.0 liter straight six. Don’t get me wrong, the TJs have their own set of problems. Guess how I know. My TJ has 195K miles on it and it runs like a champion but has multiple replacement body panels and the PCU failed a few years ago. That was an eight-month odyssey to get fixed. Everything with a Jeep badge since 2006 has been somewhat of a disaster. When Fiat bought the brand things really dropped in the crapper. Just one man’s opinion.

  3. kevin connor

    I bought a 2004 TJ Wrangler about a dozen years ago. 4 cylinder, base trim. California vehicle, no rust, no sensor or mechanical failures. No mods apart from raising the seats and ditching the awful horn for a proper Jeep beep beep. No death wobble although my dad had a 2005 he never got sorted. I also have a 2017 Cruze. Only car Consumer Reports hated worse was a Ford but they didn’t have a dealer in town so I went with Chevy. No troubles.

  4. JohnfromSC

    I owned a 2014 Wrangler that I bought new and ordered to my specs. It was clear that it was cheaply made with no corosion protection on bolts, nuts and some steel pieces. Rust started forming on those pieces immediately regardless of how clean I kept it.Besides that, with all the body crevices cleaning it took longer than detailing one of my classic cars! I sold it after a short 15 months of ownership. Best to stay with a GP, MB, CJ2 or if you must. a modern state of the art M38!

    In contrast, I own a 2013 Grand Cherokee Limited with the 300HP 6 cylinder engine bought new off the lot. Has been a great reliable car. Only one engine flaw, nothing else. 150K miles and mechanic says it will go to 250K easy.

  5. JohnB

    I have always heard THe were good vehicles.
    If course they were saying it was a capable off-roader, they weren’t necessarily talking about longevity.

    I don’t put a lot of stock in bad-car lists, whatever the source.
    Far too much room for biases, inconsistent standards and third hand information.

    I have had a great car that the consumer magazine hated, and conversely, a couple of Toyotas which needed premature head gaskets. Also, my wife’s Volvo cost us a lot of money with engine and suspension issues, far more than my humble Ford Excursion.

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