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The Jeep GPV Volkswagen From Sandman

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UPDATE IV: “J” was able to locate and purchase one of these rare sandman GPVs.



Originally posted Aug 19, 2023, UPDATE III: Jay shared some more pics!

gpv-sandman-jaybo6789-6 gpv-sandman-jaybo6789-5 gpv-sandman-jaybo6789-3


UPDATE II: After 10 plus years, we finally have a photo of an actual GPV Volkswagen-jeep! Thanks to Jay for sending this photo. I hope we can get some more!



UPDATE Jan 18, 2013:  I found a second brochure that identifies this as a Sandman GPV

Has anyone ever heard of this Volkswagen/jeep model?  It doesn’t seem to be a VEEP.  Other searches yielded nothing about this unusual rig.

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“original non color folder 8.5 x 5.5 folded , 17 x 5.5 unfolded . This Jeep replica used a Volkswagen chassis . Produced by General Purpose Vehicles , Sandman Sales , Fortworth Texas.




5 Comments on “The Jeep GPV Volkswagen From Sandman

  1. DJ Bill

    Interesting that all the brochure pics seem to be artists conceptions of the end product, and none look like they are to scale.. I wonder if the company ever produced an actual vehicle or was selling a dream? Jeep being mentioned in their brochure may have been quelled by Jeep at the time, too.

  2. David Eilers

    J Johnson: Thanks for your response and congrats on finding this rare VW! I’m glad the site proved useful for you. I will add the pic to the post.

    Craig: sorry I missed your comment. I fixed the error.

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