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1950 Jeepster Ray, OH $13,000

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It’s been parked for a few years.

“1950 Willys Jeepster, Jeep ran when it was parked about 5 years ago. Needed break lines. Pads swelled up wile it sat. Had to pull them to get it to roll. I’m posting this for my mother. I forgot to look at the mileage. I believe it’s around 40k. If posting is still up, it’s available. The longer it’s here, the more I’ll get done to it. I plan to get it running first. Then it will get brake lines. Which also means the price goes up. Please, don’t send us low ball or pointless messages offering half price. I get messages constantly. We have planned to sell this for over a year. I’ve watched the auctions. I’ve seen some that are far worse go for 20k. The price is 13k… That’s what we need. Show me one for less.. And it’s yours for the price.”

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