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1941 MB Slat Grille Vancouver, WA $39,000

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Blaine shared this one. It includes a Converto Dump Trailer.

“For sale. 1941 MB Willys Slat Grill Jeep. The very first year of the Jeep.
Delivery date: December 4, 1941. Mostly original brought back from overseas.
This is a pre-war MB Jeep. This vehicle starts and runs great with a freshly rebuilt 1942 engine.
The original engine stamp date December 1939, (not installed) will go a long with the Jeep it is complete and is a good running engine.
New canvas top, seat covers, and back fold up seat.
.30 caliber belt feed machine gun (metal replica) with mount. Side mount ammunition cans included.
A very hard to find Solid steel dump trailer in great condition.”

1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa2 1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa3 1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa4 1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa5


1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa6 1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa7 1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa8 1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa9


5 Comments on “1941 MB Slat Grille Vancouver, WA $39,000

  1. Craig in ME

    At that price it should be all correct…which it isn’t. No reflectors, wrong rims, modern spark plug wires, no rubber shift lever boots, wrong paint scheme in engine bay, hubs. Need close up pics. At least the ‘square’ edged sump is correct!

  2. JohnB

    I agree, at that price it should be 95-100% correct, not necessarily perfect (after all these things were not finished like Duesenbergs), but museum correct.

    Heck, at that price I’d want Patton’s rear print in the seat cushion.

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