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Three Scenic Jeep Tour Slides

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I bought these three Scenic Jeep Tour slides off of eBay, supposedly from 1964. The pic with the FC *might* be ours. I am waiting for the slide to take a better pic.

With the racer near done and the nice weather, I plan on tackling a couple outside projects, then begin work on the FC Tour jeep.

1964-tour-jeeps-scenic tours3

1964-tour-jeeps-scenic tours2

1964-tour-jeeps-scenic tours1


2 Comments on “Three Scenic Jeep Tour Slides

  1. David Eilers Post author

    I am locating as many of these items as possible so I can better figure out how/where to put the lettering on the Tour Jeep. Given mine is the least stock, I want to honor the originals, but style in a few at that reflects the newer design.

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