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Year? CJ-3A? Starks, LA $1900

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Runs, no brakes or title.

“Willys jeep for sale🎉 (Do not have Title) Engine runs great and transmission is also great condition. Needs new water pump, battery, and will eventually need new tires. (Do not know mileage) Brakes do not work. This is a manual transmission.”

year-cj3a-tx7 year-cj3a-tx8 year-cj3a-tx9


2 Comments on “Year? CJ-3A? Starks, LA $1900

  1. Michael

    I looked at this Jeep in Person, lots of Bondo in the Tub, The engine and transmission are not original, engine looks to be a GM 151 out of a Chevy II. Unknown Transmission and Transfer case, the rear output is centered and so the rear driveshaft runs at an excessive angle left to right. Just some added information for anyone considering looking at this one

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