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1954 KW Truck Brochure SD-203-4

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UPDATE: I’ve updated this post with a higher quality scan of this brochure.

This is the early 1954 version of truck brochure with the KW stamp, form SD-203-4. It’s the only example I’ve been able to find. The subsequent version, form W-203-5, with a green theme is more commonly found online.

1954-form-sd-203-4-truck-brochure-kw1 1954-form-sd-203-4-truck-brochure-kw2 1954-form-sd-203-4-truck-brochure-kw3



2 Comments on “1954 KW Truck Brochure SD-203-4

  1. Mark

    Hey Dave, Mark water pump rebuilder here in Phoenix Arizona. I’ve got a copy of this brochure! Don’t remember where I got it, it’s got B E Stokes Co. 38 south 4th Street San Jose, California CYpress 5-1105 looks like Kaiser was introducing the 6 cylinder engine

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Mark,

    It’s a hard-to-find one for sure. I’m still trying to document the other first generation of these. If you ever get a chance to scan it I’d love to get a better copy.

    Hope your summer is going well!

    – Dave

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