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1944 MB Prineville, OR $4500

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Seems worth a look. Thanks to TJ for sharing it.

“Jeep that runs and drives. Have a rebuilt second motor that will need finished to go with it. Flat head 4 with T90 transmission. Tough but would make an amazing vintage vehicle. Got it running and that was my goal”

1944-mb-prineville-or7 1944-mb-prineville-or8 1944-mb-prineville-or9


3 Comments on “1944 MB Prineville, OR $4500

  1. Mike P.

    when i see that much paint overspray on the tires, it makes me think there wasn’t much attention to detail with any work done.

  2. JohnfromSC

    Agree with Mike. Tough to know what is under that shoddy paint job, and now any serious work requires stripping or sandblasting first. Would have been so much better at that price just to see the real condition versus lipstick on a pig.

  3. JohnB

    In the sellers defense..
    there seems to be at least three different types of tires on it. So just restoration “rollers”.
    For the asking price (and it is clearly a project, so not show…or even driving…ready), I would not expect new (or even good) tires.

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