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1974 M-151A2 Mutt Seattle, WA Auction

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Here’s another Bill pointed our direction. Again, it should be interesting to see how high this goes.

“This M151 is powered by the Hercules-sourced OHV inline-four. With a compression ratio of 7.5:1, the engine received its fuel mixture via a single carburetor and was rated by the manufacturer at 60 horsepower when new, with 119 lb-ft of torque. The engine in this M151 is reported to be original, with no stated rebuild history. The seller says the manual choke does not need to be used for starting if the engine is warm. An electric fuel pump was reportedly installed in 2018, the M151 reportedly having 24-volt electricals. The manual transmission reportedly “works great,” and the seller states “All-Wheel Drive works great, engaged with a lever switching from 2 to 4 wheel -drive.” The engine bay presents as stock and very clean.”



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