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Unknown Vehicle Davenport, IA $1800

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I can’t remember who shared this, but it sure is an odd item. The seller thinks they “have a good idea want it go’s for” and is sure it is a Cushman jeep. If it is a Cushman jeep, it is something I’ve never documented nor can I find anything using Google about it.

“Not sure the age just know it’s old Cushman jeep it runs make a reasonable offer I have a good idea want it go’s for so don’t try and low ball me”

cushman-jeep-davenport-ia4 cushman-jeep-davenport-ia5 cushman-jeep-davenport-ia6 cushman-jeep-davenport-ia7 cushman-jeep-davenport-ia8 cushman-jeep-davenport-ia9


3 Comments on “Unknown Vehicle Davenport, IA $1800

  1. colin peabody

    Looks more like a King Midget chassis and powertrain with a somewhat modified body. Front fenders look like second series King Midget.

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