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Photos of the WWII Museum in Gettysburg

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Roger Martin also snapped some photos at the WWII American Experience Museum in Gettysburg. I don’t know how Ann and I missed going here. As you can see, they have a pretty good jeep collection! A big thanks to Roger for all the photos!


2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-007 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-006 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-005 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-004

2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-003 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-001

Original, unrestored MB:

2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-02 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-01

Original, unrestored GPW:
2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-03 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-05 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-04 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-06 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-07 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-08 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-09 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-10 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-11 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-12 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-13 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-14 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-15 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-16

This is one of several Sessions images, which I assume are original paintings?

2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-17 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-18 2023-10-roger-marting-wwii-gettysburg-museum-19



7 Comments on “Photos of the WWII Museum in Gettysburg

  1. Bill

    Graphics are wanting. Windshield indicates jeep was stationed with the 1st Pursuit of the AVG (in the CBI theatre). street sign leaning on bumper says ‘Carentan’, of the ETO. I doubt it was driven all the way!

  2. Mark S.

    The unrestored MB and GPW appear to lend more evidence of a limited amount of crated jeeps available after the war. I would like to go there someday and see any additional documentation and history they have on those jeeps. I assume that only new or refurbished jeeps would be crated as it has been stated that it was an expensive operation.

  3. JohnB

    Also, and I’m not pointing fingers here..
    but what kind of real documentation is there.
    I can see family stories being inadvertently corrupted over the years to where a nice Jeep that Grandpa bought in the 50s becomes a “brand new in the crate Jeep bought for $500”.
    The “Jeep in a crate” story is so well known (even outside the hobby) and unquestionably accepted that it would be a prime source for family fables.

  4. Mark S.

    Actually, Dave has posted several articles dealing with the War Assets Commission, that seem to verify some jeeps in crates were sold of the docks in California after the war. I have heard the jeep in crates stories for over 50 years. That is why these items are so interesting to read about.

  5. David Eilers Post author


    Find original documents is indeed key to separating the family stories from the truth.

    There are a variety of discussions about crated WWII jeeps on the G503 forum. Here’s one example: “One of 1588 crated Jeeps sold new”

    It’s never been clear to me how many new crated jeeps were sold as surplus and I doubt many records exist.

    I doubt that any used jeeps were re-boxed overseas and returned home. It would have consumed time and resources to bring jeeps back from the various fronts, let alone box them up. Moreover, I believe I ran across an agreement between the the government and Willys-Overland that discouraged releasing too many surplus jeeps after the war, because it would have an impact on Willys-Overland’s post-war sales.

    – Dave

  6. JohnfromSC

    The last documented crate Jeep I know of was sold at auction about 7 years ago at the Greenwich CT concours, a pretty prestigious event. If I recall correctly it was sold as newly assembled, on behalf of a client by Wayne Carini, owner of F40 Motorsports (TV show “Chasing Classic Cars” fame) and appeared on that program.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    JohnfromSC … good to know!

    I am told, from a reliable source, that there is an original crated Jeep that is part of a very large, private collection. I have not seen this collection yet.

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