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Year? FC-170 Dually Branchburg, NJ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200.

Andy shared this truck. Value is unclear.

“Jeep FC170 truck Year unknown 4wd Cab looks decent. Used to be a flat bed. Back part of frame look”

1959-fc170-dually-nj6 1959-fc170-dually-nj 1959-fc170-dually-nj8 1959-fc170-dually-nj9


5 Comments on “Year? FC-170 Dually Branchburg, NJ **SOLD**

  1. Blaine

    This is a 1965 DRW with a factory flatbed and stakes. It is rated as 8000 GVW which is usually a 3 speed but I see a 4 speed shift lever. I see a Dana 29 transfer case. There are transmission gears laying loose in the cab and a front bearing retainer that appears to be for a T98 4 speed.
    And I agree with ‘Dave from Mn’.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    This may have sold, as the link to FB no longer works. I’ve marked it sold.

    – Dave

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