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1962? Go For Digger Brochure

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This four-page Go-For-Digger brochure is something I’ve not yet posted. It has a Catalog Number 8162, which might mean the brochure was released August 1, 1962.

1962-08-01-go-for-digger-catalog-number-8162-1 1962-08-01-go-for-digger-catalog-number-8162-2 1962-08-01-go-for-digger-catalog-number-8162-3


3 Comments on “1962? Go For Digger Brochure

  1. CraigInPA

    RHM, the company that made the digger is still in business and still building portable digging equipment. Not only that, they support all their old models (because, fundamentally, the design hasn’t changed for 60 years!).

  2. Bill

    The paperwork on these always shows the T98 as the spec’d trans, but I’ve never seen one with anything but a T90. I’m certain that I haven’t seen them all, so maybe someone can prove me wrong.

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