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J.I.M. “Jeep Is Mine” Photos on eBay

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Kind of a curious thing to put on the front of a jeep?

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“Lot of slides as shown.  Each feature the same Jeep with Jeep Is Mine J.I.M. on front.  Probably in the Washington State or Alaska area based on other slides from same estate.”

jeep-images-jeep-is-mine-JIM-1 jeep-images-jeep-is-mine-JIM-2


8 Comments on “J.I.M. “Jeep Is Mine” Photos on eBay

  1. JohnB&PatS

    If you look closely, there are five letters after the first large initial. It’s clearer in the last photo.

    So, at the risk of sounding like “Wheel of Fortune”, I think it reads: “Jesus Is Mine”.

    And the large stone building could be s church, the kids at a school….

  2. Barney Goodwin

    I think you’re right! Looks like you’re going to the bonus round. And it might be a church camp considering the unmarked bus in the background.

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