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PTO + Gearbox + Drum Pulley Spokane Valley, WA $2000

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The seller has the governor handle, but not the governor assembly (if I understand correctly).

“1949 CJ3a PTO assembly with the Belt Drive adapter.

Still currently mounted in the jeep so it can be used and shown to work, planning on pulling it sometime this month. Only thing missing is the Novi Governor under the hood. I don’t intend to restore this jeep to factory and it doesn’t suit any need I have other than looking really cool.

This PTO should mount to any CJ jeep or most older Jeeps that have the Dana 18 transfer case from what I know.

I’m selling just the PTO assembly, not the whole Jeep”

pto-gearbox-drum-governer1 pto-gearbox-drum-governer2 pto-gearbox-drum-governer3 pto-gearbox-drum-governer4


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