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Quickly Assembled Jeep Video

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Bill shared this quick-assemble jeep video, though this doesn’t quite look as quick as others we’ve seen.

What’s more interesting is that one of the comments under the video shares how some US jeep dealers ran some contests challenging folks to assemble actual jeeps completely taken apart. This is the first I have heard about this type of contest. I wonder if it was ever documented in any news articles or magazines. Here is the full comment:

My grandfather’s garage did this in the 1950’s. He owned the first Jeep dealership in Manhattan, because he was selling Willy’s before WWII, so automatically became a Jeep dealership after the War. [Willys] did a promotion where they set up this contest in different dealerships, to see how long to assemble an entire Jeep. But it was completely apart, not in sub assemblies like here. My grandfather won with a time under 4 hours, and they presented him with a solid gold Bulova watch. On the back was engraved his name, the date, and the time it took to put the Jeep together.”



One comment on “Quickly Assembled Jeep Video

  1. Jim D

    Sorry, there had to be some shortcuts taken! There is no way they were able to wire up that Jeep to start that easily!

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