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1943 GPW Sequim, WA $5000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/07/2023) This has a new body. If someone wants to purchase this, but doesn’t want the engine, In trade for the engine and steering column, I would consider going up to get this (way at the top of the Peninsula area), bringing it back, and holding it until someone comes to pick it up. email me if you are interested: I think the engine would be good in Biscuit.

“Project 43 jeep,new body, frame, front disc breaks, all of drive train rebuilt, have 2300 4 cylinder ford motor ready to put back together 30 over pistons, 10 over bearings, new aluminum radiator, new gas tank”

1943-gpw-sequim-wa6 1943-gpw-sequim-wa7 1943-gpw-sequim-wa8 1943-gpw-sequim-wa9


4 Comments on “1943 GPW Sequim, WA $5000

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Is that a Pinto engine, Dave? It looks pristine… just not correct for this WWII jeep. Hope someone takes you up on this: seems like a win-win!

  2. Jim D

    Geez Dave! Why don’t you just dangle that candy in front of an addicts face! If you weren’t way way way over there, I’d be jumpin on that offer! Now I can go sulk for the day!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Jim: It is way over here, plus it is way up and over there! It is still a 5 hour drive from here (assuming I were to miss I-5 rush hour traffic)!

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