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1978 DJ-5 Walnut, CA $2725

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Jonathan shared this amusing ad for a DJ-5.


“Are you tired of the mundane, the ordinary, and the left-hand drive? Say no more! Feast your eyes on the majestic masterpiece that is our 1978 Jeep DJ-5F – the four-wheeled unicorn of the postal world!

✨ Features that will make you the talk of the town:
-Dazzling bronze color, because why settle for silver or gold when you can be bronze-tastic!
-Right-hand drive, because the left side is so last century.
-Equipped with a majestic horse hood ornament – because every Jeep dreams of being a stallion.
-Sliding doors for that extra touch of VIP entry (or exit).
-No AC, but fear not! We’ve included a small fan on the dashboard for your breezy delight.

🔧 Mechanical Mysteries:
-Currently not running, but don’t let that stop your adventure! It ran strong when parked, like a marathon runner taking a nap.
-Easy to work on – even your grandma’s poodle could fix it (if it had opposable thumbs).
-Planned Non-Operation Status with no back fees – it’s practically on a postal vacation, sunbathing in the driveway.

💰 Price Tag:
For the low, low cost of $2,725, you can be the proud owner of this one-of-a-kind postal chariot. Who needs a luxury sedan when you can have a bronze beauty with a fan?

🎉 Act fast before this horse-powered dream machine gallops away into someone else’s driveway! Email me now and make all your postal fantasies come true.

HAHA – Bonus points if you bring carrots for the horse hood ornament! 🥕🐴”


4 Comments on “1978 DJ-5 Walnut, CA $2725

  1. Colin Peabody

    The guy does have a sense of humor, with a 1960 Ford sitting next to it! No offense to our Ford friends, but a 60 Ford is not one of the more collectables that Henry built, IMO! LOL!

  2. I.Fraser

    Heck, I’d buy it and show up with 25lbs of carrots and saddle just to see if he’d lower the price. Too bad I’m on the east coast of Canada.

  3. John

    @colin thank you! I try to have a sense of humor in all aspects of life…driving shouldn’t be boring

    @muley good point! just updated the pics to show the horse hood ornament!

    @fraser I love me a good laugh, so I probably would consider lowering the price hahaha can always bake a good carrot cake 🙂

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