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1968 Jeepster Convertible Montclair, NJ $25,000

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Bill shared this nice looking Jeepster. The front bumper could use some chrome, but otherwise this looks real nice.

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“Is it a classic Bronco? No it’s a classic Jeepster Commando!

Rare Deluxe model with 3 speed stick shift, selectable 4×4, power hydraulic top, factory continental kit with spare wheel, towing hitch and Deluxe 2 tone white and teal interior.

I’ve just spent thousands servicing the transmission. Rebuilt with new parts.

Selectable 4wd and freewheeling hubs.

Deluxe wheels.

New soft top in white vinyl with all padding and seals.

New hydraulic package with pistons and piping replaced. New roof switch.

Powerful Buick (Dauntless) V6 motor starts and runs well. Engine has been painted.

This truck is in a staggeringly beautiful aquamarine metallic teal with white accents. The chrome is in good shape and the floors are rust free.

Just needs surfboards and a new owner!”


11 Comments on “1968 Jeepster Convertible Montclair, NJ $25,000

  1. Brad

    Ok, I need someone to explain how that shift cane controls a 3 speed stick shift. I would have assumed it was an error and was a 3 speed automatic with a floor console, but the “H” on the cover looks like a shift pattern.

  2. Dan

    Though it looks like a little detail work remains to be done, this is a pretty good-looking Jeepster. Nice to see it retains its manual brakes!

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Brad, factory parts book shows that to be a “remote” shift setup, meaning the cane doesn’t go directly down into the tranny. In fact, it has 2main long links, short links, some pins, spring etc. Doesn’t look like it requires much lateral movement at the top plate. When you push it to one side or another, it reacts much greater “down below”. Just looks like it poses some of the same headaches as the column shifting, but I’ll leave that to the Commando folks.

  4. Barney Goodwin

    Correction: horizontal movement is what I was referring to where it appears there is little space in the bezel slot for side to side shifting.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    My own personal experience with a Ford top loader remote linkage setup confirms that there’s isn’t much lateral (or horizontal) distance needed to implement the “H” shifting pattern. My father’s CJ-5 had that setup powered by a chev 350. When first learning to drive the jeep, I almost backed into someone at a stop sign because I had accidentally shifted into reverse when trying to get to 1st gear. Thankfully, the jeep had good brakes!

  6. Barney Goodwin

    Happy Thanksgiving Dave! I agree. It’s a hoaky setup. Like the column shift linkage, when it starts to get wear, there isn’t going to be enough room in that plate slot to find a correct gear.

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