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Louis Mattar and His Cadillac Fleetwood

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Scott spotted a story about Louis Mattar and his amazing Cadillac Fleetwood, which he and friends drove non-stop from the west coast to the west coast and back. Later, he drove it from Alaska to Mexico City, again non-stop. The article is worth a read!

Here’s the article from Haggerty:

And, I found this video:


And this earlier video from 1954, which shows them changing the front tire:

Finally, here’s a more modern CBS report about the car’s new home at a San Diego museum:


2 Comments on “Louis Mattar and His Cadillac Fleetwood

  1. Brad

    When I started watching the video I said (to myself) I remember seeing this on, “You Asked For It” as a kid and sure enough there was a mention of that broadcast.

  2. Mike

    Amazing story of an amazing man, I would have to say Genius. to be able to have dreams and make them reality, an incredible story. I am so awestruck by this. A time and era where society admired intelligence and perseverance, I doubt such a event in history could happen today. (too much red tape) Thanks Dave for posting this great story.

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