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Africa U.S.A. and Jeeps

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UPDATE II: Here’s another Africa USA Postcard. It’s a available on eBay.

year-usa-africa-postcard7 year-usa-africa-postcard8


UPDATED Aug 04, 2020: This post is an aggregation of Africa USA postcards and articles. Another postcard from the form adventure park popped up on eBay, this time with a CJ-5 pulling the trams:

View all the information on eBay



Posted June 2019 on eBay, a CJ-3B pulling trams:



From 2015: Africa USA, was part of a theme-park movement in the late 1950s that included New York’s Freedomland, Disneyland, Wisconsin’s Fort Dells, and others. By 1959, these parks were collectively generating revenue of $2 billion.

There is a feature article about these parks in the August 1, 1960, issue of Life Magazine. The picture below is from that article. You can take a ‘virtual’ jeep-train tour of Africa USA here (don’t expect much)

This article appeared in the December 1955 issue of Willys News. That’s the jeep train behind the animals.




This information comes from a 2012 post: The is an example of the a jeep with a train-looking exterior being used at Africa, USA, though the details were slightly different.  These pictures come from


This post was from November 2014: This may be the same green jeep as the one pictured in the top postcard.




This post appeared in November of 2013: The text is from the eBay ad.

“Take a step back in history and view this vintage souvenir postcard. This is a LINEN postcard. The postcard was published by Curt Teich Company ~ it is a C.T. Art Colortone and is number “6C-H8”, which indicates this postcard was printed in 1956.

This postcard features Giraffe and Rare Grevy Zebras at Africa U.S.A. located in Boca Raton, Florida. The giraffe is eating a tree in the background. Look at the right area of the postcard and you can see a train filled with tourists.

This postcard is a CHILD TICKET for the JUNGLE SAFARI. The back, printed in red, are the price for a CHILD’s TICKET (.85 cents) AND the breakdown of the Costs (Fare .77 – Federal Tax .08 – .85). The ticket number “78979” (each postcard has a different number) is located in the back left corner. This postcard is a used ticket ~ there is a punched hole through the postcard, which indicates it was used: “This Ticket Void When Punched”. The following information is printed on the back of the postcard: Giraffe and Rare Grevy Zebras as seen from jeep safari. These and many more strange animals are all roaming free in this 300 acre fabulous uncaged jungle zoo.”




This Press photo was for sale back in May of 2014:

“You are bidding on an original 8 x 10 press photo of Africa USA Feeding Elephant From Jeep w/ Baby Elephant. Photographer Unknown. Dated 5/23/1959. The following stamps are on the back of the photo: NEA;UPI”

1959-05-23-jeep-africausa1 1959-05-23-jeep-africausa2


This postcard was part of a 2015 post: This 1959 postcard shows the tourist attraction upgraded to CJ-5s at some point.



6 Comments on “Africa U.S.A. and Jeeps

  1. Richard Sebastian,FL

    The parcel was later converted into a housing development Carriage Hill. I built houses in there in the 70’s and there were still some remaining peacocks.

  2. Ginger Pedersen

    The original trains were from a firm in Cincinnati and were very unreliable. They purchased the surplus Jeep’s to then pull the trams. If you want a hi-res scan let me know.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Ginger,

    I’d be very interested in a hi res scan and another other information you have. You can send info to


    – Dave
    David Eilers

  4. JohnB

    All: Hooray for Captain Spalding!
    The African Explorer!…..
    Jamison: He went into the jungle, where all the monkeys throw nuts.

    Spalding: If I stay here, I’ll go nuts!

    All: Hooray, hooray, hooray.

    Hooray for Captain Spalding!
    Sung by Groucho Marx and the cast of Animal Crackers…1930.

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