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Nelson, Nevada, Ghost Town Tour Video

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Roger Martin shared this video from “Remote Trooper” that explores the ghost town of Nelson, Nevada, a place full of abandoned vehicles and other items. The tour includes a quick clip of an early Maverick Willys wagon complete with the rare emblem (at the 3:18 mark).



2 Comments on “Nelson, Nevada, Ghost Town Tour Video

  1. Mike

    That wagon looks like it’s mounted on a different chassis. Look at how the rear wheels stick out beyond the body, also the height, body too high up off the ground to be stock. Judging from the front small front hub, 2 wheel drive.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I couldn’t tell if the rear rims were offset in a way that made them stick out or not, but on a second look at the front bolt pattern I agree it doesn’t look jeep-sized to me, so I think you are right.

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