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Missed Out on this Unusual Brochure

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Likely from around 1958, this illustrated brochure is 24 pages. The front page included the title, “Man moves forward on WHEELS”. Unfortunately, I did my final bid too soon and lost out at the end. It was dumb on my part. Below are the pages posted to eBay. Hopefully, the buyer reads eWillys and is willing to send a scan of the booklet.

1958-ish-man-moves-forward-on-wheels-brochure1 1958-ish-man-moves-forward-on-wheels-brochure2 1958-ish-man-moves-forward-on-wheels-brochure3 1958-ish-man-moves-forward-on-wheels-brochure4 1958-ish-man-moves-forward-on-wheels-brochure5


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