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Merry Christmas, 1983!

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Merry Christmas (eve) everyone!

I must have seen this commercial when it aired back in 1983, but I don’t remember it. I guess I had other things on my mind? I graduated in the summer of ’83, for which my parents bought me the first jeep of my own (I’d driven Dad’s CJ-5 for a couple years), a patched together, blue, modified CJ-3A with a Buick V-6 and T-15 for $1500. I spent the summer cruising around in it, then the Fall driving it to my first (and last) quarter at a community college, before pretty much flunking out (I just didn’t care about college at that point).

Instead of college, I traded labor for a rundown, hacked together racer, took that apart, and started building what would become my first project jeep. Too young, dumb, and stubborn to fail, I got a part time job cooking and used those meager funds to cobble together a custom jeep over the subsequent year and a half.


4 Comments on “Merry Christmas, 1983!

  1. Tom Jones

    I’m sure i would have seen that commercial too.
    In 1983 my jeep was the third one I had owned. It was a 1975 CJ-5. I bought it new from Hannah Motors in Vancouver, WA. It had an American Motors 304 cubic inch V8, 3 speed manual, and 427:1 gears. I wish I still owned it.

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