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Feb 1960 Building Up? Or Down? Jeep Brochure

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This February 1960 Building Up? Or Down? brochure had some older photos, so I’ve updated them.

1960-02-form-dm60-02-1 1960-02-form-dm60-02-2 1960-02-form-dm60-02-3 1960-02-form-dm60-02-4 1960-02-form-dm60-02-5


3 Comments on “Feb 1960 Building Up? Or Down? Jeep Brochure

  1. Cory Bryan

    This is a good friends great grand farther’s dealership! Wish I could have found this for him

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Well that’s cool. When I get back to Pasco, I’ll look and see if I have any Coomler Sales brochures.
    – Dave

  3. Doug in Ohio

    It is postmarked in New York,interesting.So did the publisher of the brochure mail it directly to the customer in Indiana?Or a person from the dealership mailed it from New York?

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