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Israel-Kaiser Compact Tender Literature

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UPDATE: I found what I believe is another Israel Kaiser brochure which highlights the Compact Tender design. This truck looks more like a modified wagon than a truck. The bed does not appear independent of the cab.

1950s-israel-brochure-compact-pickup1 1950s-israel-brochure-compact-pickup2 1950s-israel-brochure-compact-pickup3


Original Published Dec 05, 2010: Congrats to Or who spotted some information from a “Kaizer-Ilin Industrys Ltd” marketing document at the Israel Cars forum.   He and I have both searched for any official piece of evidence that the vehicles we were seeing were really produced and this represents the first step in that process.  We still don’t know how many were produced, nor how many years they were produced, nor in how many countries they were produced (though they have appeared in both Israel and the US).

The document below is from 1963.  Or translates it the following way:

1. Tender Willys
2. “Station Car”
3. Compact Tender
4. c’hamp 1963

Moreover, Or spoke with some of the folks at the Israel Cars forum and discovered that the Compact Tender is built on the Panel/Wagon frame (104.5″ wheelbase) rather than the long pickup frame (118″ wheelbase).

Thanks to the guys at the Israel Cars forum for posting this Ad:


One comment on “Israel-Kaiser Compact Tender Literature

  1. Barry Link

    Seems this body style was a trend in 1963, as Ford F150 and the GM Corvair truck was a unitized cab and box as well.

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