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Nate’s Playing in the Snow

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Thanks to Maury for spotting Nate’s snow video. While he plays in the snow, we are surviving the cold. First, our re-done trough water delivery froze, then our well-water seems to have frozen, which remains a mystery as to why. Anyway, we are dry camping at home for the time being. Temps start trending up today, so hopefully this cold snap will be behind us for the remainder of winter.


3 Comments on “Nate’s Playing in the Snow

  1. Gary Jacobson

    Great fun! I was just out on a snowy hike, some on a rail trail that I maintain. I was happy to come across a downed tree that I’ll drive to later this evening in a diesel Mitsubishi Jeep, cut and winch off the trail under the stars. No tracks, just LT AS tires on my little truck.

  2. Allan J. Knepper

    Dave…..welcome to the world of bitter cold living on an acreage and trying to care for livestock !! I shiver just thinking about growing up a gazillion years ago under those conditions. Right here in good old Wisconsin, we are being challenged. We have had two episodes of power loss for over 8hrs. at a time. Over foot of snow….high winds and chill. Trees are crashing under huge snow weight and damaging power lines. Had finally given up…..drained water lines in house…..packed a bag…..almost to Madison ….got text from neighbor that power was finally back. Have been having conversations with brothers about feasibility of some kind of back up generators in each of our situations……might be time ….for several reasons. Have fun !

  3. David Eilers Post author


    My grandmother was raised on a then remote farm south of CDA, Idaho, around 1920. She used to tell the story of not having much money nor having much in the way of shoes. So, during cold stretches, they would use cow pies to keep their feet warm. My sense at the time was that she was telling the truth (she was a tough woman).

    The good news is that our well pump is working again, so we can use some hoses from the shop to deal with filling the trough until the cold abates.

    Our plan is to install solar along with a backup battery system capable of being charged by solar, wind, and a kinetic energy system I have thought about for about thirty years (similar to this:

    – Dave

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