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4 16″ Rims Hatfield, MA $200

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John spotted these four rims that look in reasonable shape.

“One set of wheels left for Willys Jeep to sell. These have no tires on them. Good around valve stem area and lug nut areas.”



6 Comments on “4 16″ Rims Hatfield, MA $200

  1. Barney Goodwin

    That’s what they are Craig. Military. M38 and A1. Extra hole was a weep hole. A bargain at that price.

  2. muley

    maybe just the foto angle but the lower left appears to be later with the “flats” where the disc meets the wheel, the others look to be full disk.

  3. Ted Jordan

    I’m with Muley on this one, lower left looks like a Willy’s truck rim with the flat sections. I’ve seen these truck rims also have the weep hole before. Tough to tell from the pics but the rims might be kinda crispy and pitted, but once again tough to tell

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