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1943 Flattie Fresno, CA $21,000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $21,000.

(01/14/2024) Thanks to Mike for sharing this Fresno-area modified flat fender. It’s got the stylish doors, the muller top, and many other updates. Note the care taken to build the front drive shaft around the automatic transmission.

“I have a custom 1943 Willy’s for sale. She is powered by a Chevy v8 350 with a t350 automatic transmission and a split transfer case. Chevy rear end with 3.73’s. Custom removable vinyl windows and roof to make it a fully convertible vehicle. Steering box was pushed forward to accommodate the power steering, custom made drivelines to GM front and rear end. Everything from suspension to interior and paint has been customized and done right. Everything on this rig works as it should. She is a 4×4 Hotrod that gets tons of looks and compliments!”

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1943-mb-cali-fresno-CA11 1943-mb-cali-fresno-CA12 1943-mb-cali-fresno-CA13 1943-mb-cali-fresno-CA15 1943-mb-cali-fresno-CA16 1943-mb-cali-fresno-CA17 1943-mb-cali-fresno-CA18 1943-mb-cali-fresno-CA19 1943-mb-cali-fresno-CA20


8 Comments on “1943 Flattie Fresno, CA $21,000

  1. David Eilers Post author

    I have never seen a setup quite like that. Probably fine at slow speeds, but not sure how it would handle faster speeds? It looks like the driveline angles are the same, which should help with balance and stability of the setup. Cool stuff!

  2. John

    Not sure if “care” is the correct word for the front driveshaft. Without the yokes in time it’s going to try to destroy itself.

  3. JohnB

    I could see a U-joint failing and the shaft flailing around puncturing the oil pan and whatever lines are nearby.

    It happened to me in my roadster.
    Destroyed the drive shaft and took out the fuel line. Ten gallons of fuel running down the road.
    I was going up the hill to the local orchards. Hot summer morning, lots of dry grass in the ditch adjacent to a $1 million house. Oh oh…

    One of the volunteer fire fighters thanked me for getting him out of church.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Perhaps the owner will eventually see this post and provide some real-world comments on how tested the setup is.

    My racer’s front driveline setup consists of two drive shafts (four u-joints total) with a bracket to hold one of the drive lines in place similar to the bracket used above (It’s not an uncommon setup in the PNW race world). My racer’s previous incarnation saw real world speed, mud, and jumps (I have a pic of it flying through the air), but it seems in good shape thus far. That may be why I have more confidence in the above setup. I can’t wait to test it this summer and report back!

  5. Todd

    This is an early 70s Fresno masterpeice that survives over 50 years later. Not many will appreciate it enough to want to buy it.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    I am surprised this doesn’t have the enlarged windshield as other Fresno-modified jeeps had …. Price dropped to $22,500. Will bump it forward for Sunday AM.

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