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3 FC-170s Salisbury, NC $4000

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Andy spotted this ad that was listed about a year ago on FB. So, who knows if they are still there or not. At least one is a dually.

“This is for (3) F170 Jeeps Not sure of the years. Not in real good condition but is still lots of good left. None are running and no titles”

3-fc170s-salisbury-nc4 3-fc170s-salisbury-nc5 3-fc170s-salisbury-nc6 3-fc170s-salisbury-nc7 3-fc170s-salisbury-nc8 3-fc170s-salisbury-nc9


One comment on “3 FC-170s Salisbury, NC $4000

  1. Blaine

    They are all late ’58 or newer. The green dually has a factory Willys flatbed and stakes (at least two anyway). The white one (originally green) with the funny rear cab louvers and a blue interior is also a dually and probably has a 4 speed judging by the gear shift lever, unless the transmission is gone.

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