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May 1960 Jeep Service and Parts News

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The more I read these Jeep Service and Parts News issues, the less they look like news and the more they look like reminders to Sell, Sell, Sell! (See “The Parts Department Manager” on page four). It’s not that there isn’t a place for encouraging selling for this department, but whether it belongs in a news bulletin is less clear to me.

In the “not all air bath cleaners are made the same department”, the note on the lower right portion of page four highlights a new air bath cleaner for the FC-150 that includes “a water deflector to eliminate the possibility of water entering the air cleaner from the back of the fire wall”.

1960-05-jeep-service-and-parts-news1 1960-05-jeep-service-and-parts-news2 1960-05-jeep-service-and-parts-news3


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